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The organizing committee of APAMI 2016 that will be held in The-K Hotel Seoul, Seoul, Korea from November 2(Wednesday) ~ 5(Saturday), 2016 offers you opportunities for Sponsorship to advertise your company, products and services during the conference.

Official Sponsorship of APAMI 2016 designates your organization as a Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsor based on the total amount of purchased sponsorship items and advertisement and offers additional benefits below.

Application can be allowed

Sponsorship Type - A (Financial Backing)

Category Platinum Sponsor Gold Sponsor Silver Sponsor
Value \ 20,000,000 \ 15,000,000 \ 10,000,000
Exhibition Booth 1 2 5
Session(Presentation) 1 Session 1 Session -
Booth Size 4.5m x 2.5m 3.5m x 2.5m 2.5m x 2.5m
Conference (Free Registration) 20 12 6
Gala Dinner (Free Registration) 5 5 5
Advertisement (Program Book) Color Full 2 Pages
(Inside of front cover)
Color Full 1 Pages
(Inside of front cover)
Color Half Pages
(Inside of front cover)
Banner Link at Website Main Page
Logo on Souvenir if any -
Banner Link at Webmail
Image Playing on Screen at Coffee Break
* Excluded VAT

Sponsorship Type - B (In-kind Support)

Category Items Availability Price
Social Program Welcome Reception 1 \ 5,000,000
Luncheon 2 \ 3,000,000
Gala Dinner 1 \ 5,000,000
Coffee Break 2 \ 3,000,000
Others Official Bag 1 \ 7,000,000
USB e-Book 1 \ 4,000,000
Lanyard 1 \ 4,000,000
Notepad & Pen 1 \ 2,000,000
* Excluded VAT


Category Items Availability Price
Abstract Book Inside of Front Cover in Full Color 1 \ 2,000,000
Inside of Book in Full Color 5 \ 1,000,000
Inside of the Back Cover in Full Color 1 \ 2,000,000
* Excluded VAT

How to Apply

Payment & Cancellation Policy

To join APAMI2016 as a sponsor, please complete the ‘APAMI2016 Sponsorship Application Form’ on the end of this page and send it to the APAMI2016 secretariat by e-mail (info@apami2016.org).

- Payment
Upon receipt of the signed sponsorship application, an invoice covering payment amount will be issued by e-mail or fax. The payment schedule is outlined below:

▪ 50% deposit of total sponsorship fee: Within one (1) month of signing the Sponsorship Application
▪ 50% final deposit: Six (6) months prior to the conference

※ Sponsorship opportunities will be confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis.

- Cancellation Policy
Sponsor agrees and understands that notification of intent to cancel sponsorship must be provided in writing. This Sponsorship Application may be canceled with no penalty, within seven (7) calendar days of receiving the confirmation receipt of APAMI2016 Sponsorship Application Form.

▪ Cancellation of sponsorship within six (6) months prior to the conference: 50% refund excluding the processing fee
▪ Cancellation of sponsorship within three (3) months of the conference: No refunds

Sponsorship Application Form